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getting beaten up in the cracks
posted by: ChrisO   email this member
Posted Friday, Feb 22 at 8:55 PM
Fri, Feb 22 at 08:55 PM
My feet are getting beaten up crack climbing. My shoes are probably more suited to faces/slab, being a relatively soft slipper. Any suggestions on a bullet proof pair of climbing shoes, that don't give up absolutely every bit of sensitivity?

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trails page for SarabinerRe: getting beaten up in the cracks
Sarabiner  email this member
Posted Monday, Oct 13 at 6:52 PM
Mon, Oct 13 at 06:52 PM
Scarpa Techno, or Mad Rock Flash. I've been rocking the Mad Rock's for a while now, and aside from a hole in the toe and not-so-sticky velcro they're still going strong. The Techno's will probably be my next shoe.

Anyone hear about the Mad Rock Asylum? I just saw them on line and am kind of curious.

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