Haida Gwaii

Haida Gwaii near Sandspit, BC

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100 kms
Sea Kayaking
Sandspit, BC
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Haida Gwaii is one of the most biologically unique and spiritual journeys one can take in their life. There are many species of plants and wildlife that are not seen anywhere else on the planet and includes some unbelievable ocean side hot springs. The winter storms are so harsh that the nature takes it self back seemingly more and more every day. Once full of thriving Villages of the Haida peoples this beautiful archipelago was the sight of a small pox plague that decimated the population by 90% in the 1800’s. Most of what was left of the villages is now protected in a national marine park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to the vanished Haida peoples.

Travel through this magical place is allowed between June and the end of September and requires reservations and permits (HelloBC.) There are guided paddle tours or if you are experienced it can be done with your own private group.

This is not a trip that can be rushed and should be well planned for a good knowledge and execution, expect that the weather will hold you back for a few days so put that into your schedule. Should you get sunny skies break up your trip with a few day hikes along the way.


You can fly in if your rich.

Take the Ferry from Prince Rupert to Skidgate, then Ferry to Sandspit.

From Sandspit take a shuttle or drive to Moresby Camp.

From Moresby Camp take a charter or water taxi into the park.

Paddle from North to South or South to North, be prepared to take a taxi one way or the other unless you have unlimited time.

Just plan this one well, know your limits, be fit, be well, and be prepared!

Carpe Diem!

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