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Revelstoke Hiking Trails near Revelstoke Airport, BC

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Fall, Summer
Revelstoke Airport, BC
User trailpeak
While Glacier National Park and Mount Revelstoke Park nearby may hold the jewels of the area, there are also a number of other fantastic area hikes that should not be overlooked. In other words, the Revelstoke area is a mecca for hiking, and you may want to make this a base-camp for your explorations in the B.C. Monashee and Selkirk Mountains.

You also have Rogers Pass not far away and my all-time favourite, the Berg Lake Trail (under Mt. Robson) which is on Trailpeak.

You may also note that we have captured some trails within Glacier National Park itself (use our search engine with "Revelstoke" as nearest city), however, this is a general overview of hikes in the immediate vicinity of Revelstoke.

Trails include:

  1. Mount Begbie - steep 6 km trail
  2. Martha Creek Provincial Park – 7 km trail
  3. Blanket Creek Campground and Sutherland Falls
  4. Keystone - Standard Basin Trail - featuring a cabin for public use, 17.8 km hike, but 15 km of logging road first
  5. Akolkolex Falls & Mt. McRae - 2.6 km sub-alpine hike, but 18 km of Forest Service Road first
  6. Frisby Ridge Area - 3.5 km sub-alpine
  7. Carnes Creek - 4.5+ km trail
  8. Boulder Mountain - snowmobile only trails
  9. Mt. Cartier - 17 km, 2-day hike, 13.3 km South of Revelstoke off Airport Way
  10. Sproat Mountain – 4 km trail, great views, At 22 km off Airport Way, rough road from Revelstoke, bear right and drive to 42 km mark, i.e. 42 km out of town

These trails are in the Columbia Forest District, and typically involve some number of kilometres on a logging road off a main highway. To get more information, contact the Chamber of Commerce at 250-837-5345 or 1-800-487-1493.

Also near the city, enquire about Box Canyon Trail, Revelstoke River Trail, Begbie Falls trail, Williamson Lake, Mount Mackenzie Ski Hill, Bridge Creek, and the Illecillewaet Greenbelt walk.

Also listed on Trailpeak are a number of Glacier Provincial Park Trails, and, some must-do hikes in the vicinity of Mt. Robson.


Directions to Revelstoke area are very simple. Get on the Trans Canada Highway from either Vancouver or Calgary (closer) and drive to Revelstoke, which is on the B.C. side of the Rocky Mountains.

For directions to specific Trails above, it is recommended that you contact the Revelstoke Chamber of Commerce, or, the Ministry of Forests, which given recent cutbacks, may not be maintaining these trails to the same level as in the past. So, check in locally before planning your trip. You can start with the revelstoke Chamber of Commerce at 800-665-8001. You can also contact the nearby Mount Revelstoke and Glacier National Parks at 250-837-7500, or,

For other nearby trails click:

Revelstoke Airport, BC

List of Similar (difficulty) Province Wide Trails:

Please check the bottom of the Description (above left; click) for the author's written directions.

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By trailpeakPosted By: trailpeak  - Thu Jun 13 22:41:07 UTC 2002 Not Rated Comment ... oh ya, and the date on the festival is June 21-22 timeframe. Maybe a good time to go check out revelstoke.
By trailpeakPosted By: trailpeak  - Thu Jun 13 22:40:24 UTC 2002 Not Rated Comment Apparently there is a Revelstoke festival, featuring folk music, outdoor events, etc. This was taken from an online posting:

Description: A musical buffet nestled in a mountainous amphitheatre on the Columbia River. Ring in your sunny, Summer Solstice with the right vibes in a rural way. Featuring a diversity of music, from blues to funk, art vendors, a kids tent (with child care), a climbing wall and a micro-brew beer garden.
Location: Centennial Park, a 5-minute walk from downtown Revelstoke
Contact: Layne Seabrook
Phone: (250) 837-5500

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