Spider Lake Trail

Spider Lake Trail near Halifax, NS

This trail was given a rating of 3 out of 5 stars This trail was given a rating of 3 out of 5 stars This trail was given a rating of 3 out of 5 stars This trail was given a rating of 3 out of 5 stars This trail was given a rating of 3 out of 5 stars
10 kms
Mountain Biking, Cross Country Skiing, Hiking, Snowshoeing
Summer, Fall, Winter
Halifax, NS
User geoff78
The Spider Lake trail system is a series of interconnected mountain bike and ATV trails. The GPS data provided includes tracks on three sides of Spider Lake. The best route is to park at the given trailhead and take the Spider Lake Trail northwards. This trail is wide and can be muddy depending on weather conditions. Take a right onto the Skull Trail and follow that track to the northeast. The Skull trail is a narrow, singletrack that weaves through open hardwood forests and goes up and down with the terrain. This trail is 99% dry nearly year round and continues on past the given track as far as the Boggy Hole (see NS topo sheet 11 D/13) where the trail is hard to follow. There was a trail continuing on to Lake Major and forming a large loop but it seems to be overgrown and not currently in use. There are other ATV and bike trails in the area, some of which are given in the GPS tracks. For a more detailed trail map see the following URL: http://www.flickr.com/photo_zoom.gne?id=187286277&size=o


Near Dartmouth take the Waverly Road (Route 318) and turn onto Spider Lake Road at the north end of Lake Charles. Follow Spider Lake Road to its end (at N44 44.557 W63 32.781) where you will find parking for as many as five cars.

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By Norcorider23Posted By: Norcorider23  - Tue May 05 21:18:49 UTC 2015 Not Rated Question Hi everybody I'm new and I was wondering if spider lake trail still had snow on the ground or not? Thanks you

ANSWERS are in this forum:   Spider lake trail
By pipercoltPosted By: pipercolt  - Sun Dec 11 01:29:17 UTC 2011 Not Rated Question Me and a buddy did the circumnavigation today at spider. As mentioned the blowdown on the old lake major trail out to the east side of spider is epic. Even 10 years after, it looks like a meteor hit the area. this means you have to be especially adept at maintaining balance beam state while craversing multiple logs sometimes 1m or more off the ground. We had the trail then had to avoid it due to the old logs, but we kept our direction with the GPS. Finally we got to the good trail after 2 + hours of full on hiking. Wonder if anyone would be interested in doing some work on that old section.

ANSWERS are in this forum:  Blowdown from Round Lake
By The Big XPosted By: The Big X  - Wed Apr 07 16:32:18 UTC 2010 Not Rated Upside Undergrowth is low to non-existent for the vast majority of the trail, making for many interesting views while still in the bush. Trail is easy to navigate, but many up and down treks over minor hills deliver a good workout value to the experience. Downside I have yet to discover a loop out of the deeper parts of this trail system, which would make for a more interesting return trip. Comment A trail does indeed exist to Lake Major, but as yet I have not found the loop spoken of in this trail's description. There is much evidence of hurricane blow-down once you get past Round Lake, but it has mostly been cleared through, except for 3 or 4 places where one must climb over, or under downed tree obstacles. The end of the trail to Lake Major is heavily blocked by ever increasing hurricane blow-down - my goal was the shore of Lake Major but after fighting down the steep slope through blow-down it just gets thicker and thicker, which itself isn't such a big deal when going toward the lake, but if you want to return the way you came it presents a formidable fight on top of the already steep climb out. If one plans to hike to Lake Major, I highly recommend an early start, a packed lunch, and more than basic hiking kit.
By spinPosted By: spin  - Fri Nov 07 20:43:54 UTC 2008 Not Rated Upside Try finding the Geocaches in the area Comment Two Geocaches are on the Skull trail.
you can get info for this at
search Ridenfind or skull
By spinPosted By: spin  - Fri Nov 07 20:34:43 UTC 2008 Not Rated Upside New stuff every year, and I just gets better Downside It is not good to ride when it is wet Comment Spider lake area is Dartmouth's most popular Mountain bike trail System.
The trails are well maintained and are fun for all skill levels.
Several of the bike Shops in the Halifax area have regular group rides in this area.
ECMTB.com has a beginners ride every week weather permitting.
The day after a good snow fall this is a great area for snowshoeing.
within days of a snow fall the trails are prime mountain bike trails.
Studded tires recommended

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