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Looking for a description of the major mountain bike towns in B.C. Look no further, we've got a nice profile of each here from our archives. As you know, Trailpeak is community driven, so if you have additions, or a new town profile to add, in any province, send it along to

Merv Parr, our bike editor, also has this addition to our ride guide with supporting links ...

Well, now that its time to plan your Summer Bike Trips, its good to take comfort in knowing that choosing a place to go biking in BC is now like trying to decide where to go fishing, there are just so many great areas to choose from. All of this wonderful riding does not happen by itself and it is mostly because of the dedication provided by the local biking clubs and associations, these trails would simply not exist, so remember to support them when you are in the area by buying local maps and taking part in their events. You can choose any of the the areas below and refer to our trail index for a description of the riding.

1. Vancouver and the Lower Mainland

Hit the North Shore where the freeriding movement developed and continues to grow.

Visit Mt. Fromme and check out trails like Upper Oil Can, Pink Starfish, Air Supply and Ladies only. Visit Mt. Seymour and ride the newly rebuilt CBC trail. Then take a drive out into the country to Maple Ridge and ride the Woodlot. Try favorites like Krazy Carpenter and Blood donor. For local information visit the following websites run by the local riding associations:

a. North Shore=
b. Woodlot=

2. Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton corridor.

Squamish is home to the two largest mountain biking races in Canada, The test of Metal and Cheakamus challenge, so if you like lots of singletrack this is a good place to visit. Squamish also has lots of great freeriding trails off the Smoke Bluff area and the road leading up to Diamond Head/ Elfin Lakes like: City Boy, Ditch Pig. Whistler is of course home to the worlds best mountain bike park which has plenty of downhill and freeriding action, check out the new Garbonzo expansion.

Also, Whistler has developed an extensive area of epic sized cross country trails so you can bike your brains out. The local bike club also features a weekly toonie race which can attract over 200 entries. There is just so much to do in this area its crazy. Pemberton is a great place to take a break from all the fast paced action at Whistler. Check out the Lost Lake trail network or enjoy the big granite challenge of Tower of Power. If you want to totally escape from the crowd, drive 4 hours north to Gold Bridge, go to Tyax Lake and have them guide you to the Spruce Lake area, which has probably the best single track riding in the world. Allow 3 days for the adventure of a life time. For local info visit the following:

a. Squamish=
b. Whistler / Pemberton=

3. Kamloops / Penticton / Williams Lake

Kamloops is home to some of the best freeriders in the world and has several great areas of dry, desert-like riding and with the developments taking place at Sun Peaks including a new bike jump park; it is now a viable option to a trip to Whistler.

Penticton is a great stop over, especially if you are on the way to the Kootenays. Check out the Carmi Creek/Campbell Mountain/Riddle Road areas for some challenging freeriding or Summerland for a 45km XC mountain bike race course. Williams Lake is the new hot bed for big time freeriding and is probably the #1 destination for the serious riders. Kamloops:
Williams Lake:

4. The Kootenays: Rossland, Nelson and Fernie

There is nothing like a laid back trip to the Kootenays. Plenty of fresh air and great towns make for a fabulous trip.

All three areas make for a great destination. There is plenty of small town charm to go around with epic riding.

Rossland is the smallest of the 3 areas and in the summer it is not uncommon to see more mountain bikes downtown than cars. It has a great camp site right on the outskirts of the town and a stop over at the local bike shop will clue you into all the trail action. They can even set you up with a shuttle service. Rossland also has a lot of old school cross country trails as it was home to the Canada Cup Finals XC Mountain bike race many times. Expect to spend at least 3 days to cover all the terrain. Make sure to ride The Flume.

Nelson is one of the most charming cities in BC and is a must do road trip for any self respecting rider. It has numerous trails all within decent pedaling distance, though it is a lot easier if you can shuttle. Either way, count on doing a lot of uphill before you have the big grin ride down but it is all worth it at the end of the day. While there, you must ride Paper bag, it is one of the best rides anywhere but watch out for ?The dirty crack? a sloping rock ledge that hangs onto the side of a cliff, with certain death waiting for you should you fall. This trail was the subject of a recent article in Mountain Bike Magazine. Also, try and venture out to Kaslo and ride Monster. Check out either of the two local bike shops for a map of the area and the latest information. There is decent camping in the area.

Fernie is also one of the new comers on the mountain bike scene with it being part of the cross country and downhill race circuit along with the starting point for the Trans Rockies Endurance race. It is also a very charming town with a back drop of beautiful mountains. There is plenty of free ride action in the ski hill and surrounding area.

And don?t forget to visit the Panorama Ski Hill while on your way, for a real downhill thrill and checkout all the on Mountain developments.

5. Sunshine Coast / Vancouver Island

The Sunshine Coast area is very active in trail development and the local bike club has done many wonderful things to support the mountain biking cause. There is plenty of trail riding in this area to make for a wonderful trip. Vancouver Island has many great riding areas. Starting in Victoria check out The Dump.

Nanaimo has several great freeriding areas so check out on of the many bike shops for directions. Further north you can turn off in Parksville and ride the trails there. Next stop along the way is Hornby Island which is a must do trip to ride there wonderful flowy trails and check out the sandy beaches and take in the laid back island culture. On your way back make sure to spend a day in the Comox/Cumberland areas.

Well there is no better time than now to enjoy all the fine cycling that BC has to offer so get out there and rip it up.

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