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Author: [ smburt ]   Contact Author: smburtWed Dec 22 18:49:35 UTC 2010

Igniter Pants by First Ascent are an insulation layer to answer many of the needs of the Winter outdoor enthusiast. For such a cheap price, they will find themselves useful for winter camping as an extra layer for your sleeping bag, for cold weather climbing and any other activity putting you out in the cold for long periods of time.

Filled with Primoloft One insulation, these will compress well, and even keep you warm when wet. Toted as windproof as well as DWR treated, they will serve well both underneath a shell and by themselves.

There are elements I really love about the design, and others I’m not sure why they did what they did. For starters, the 7/8ths zipers along the legs are a god-send because you don’t have to take off boots to get these on or off. this is serious incentive to stay warm or avoid over heating as your epic adventure continues. Who wants to take boots off?

There are reinforced scuff patches on the insides of the leg. The reinfoerced knees and seat will go along way to up the lifespan of these pants. The fleece lined pockets are a great asset that I wouldn’t have expected from an insulative layer. Finally, the articulated knees add huge comfort in your movement.

An element I am baffled with is the fit. Their website claims these are a “slim fit” in how they are tailored. If you cross reference other pants they make, you’ll note that the Mountain Guide softshell pants are also “slim fit” as are the Seaba Heli Guide bib pants. I own all of these, and can say that none of them fit the same. The softshells do have a slim fit. These Igniter pants are roomy. Not a bad fit, but for an insulation layer, there’s plenty of air space to shunt around within the legs. This could make them drafty. Not what I expected for an insulation layer, and a little awkward to layer inside a shell.

For the price ($130 ish) these offer a great range of applications for winter use, and thus a huge bang for the buck.

Shannon Burt

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