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There are now approximately 150 of some of the best Rocky Mountain Hikes on Trailpeak, 100+ from Alberta alone. There are lots more coming from users like you.

If you are after mountain solitude and the high alpine experience, follow the footsteps of our Alberta editors and other submitters like you who have posted 1000's of images and descriptions.

Just surf using the trailpeak search engine entering town names like "Jasper", "Banff", "Kannanaskis" or "Waterton". Did you know the "Crypt Lake" hike was once Canada's top rated hike. There are many equally stunning hikes that have been passed over in the quest by outdoor magazines to list "top 10s". We don't have to be politically correct. Take some time to browse them all, if only to daydream. Or seek out the hidden gems near towns like "Frank", "Rocky Mtn House" or "Pincher Creek". Browse all Alberta trails by selecting Alberta as the province in the search engine. You can add your review or comments or even GPS waypoints to any of these.

You'll find our trail search engine underneath the featured trail in the hiking section, click "hiking" to the left to get back to it, or hit "back".

Don't forget Tumbler Ridge in Northeastern B.C. on the east side of the Rockies.

We're pretty darn sure this is the best resource anywhere for researching your Rocky Mountain experiences in Canada.

You have built the content, that's what keeps it free. Brian just might spot your submissions and get a T or mug out to you! When you click "add trail" to submit a trail to trailpeak, don't worry about GPS data, someone else can come along behind you and add that if you don't have it. Just a good description and pictures. One of our editors will review your submission, and if it's good, it will go live, even be featured.

Join in, submit a trail and grow it! Our little grow op (of trails) is quite legal.

Many thanks to Brian Coffey, our Alberta hike editor! You'll find him and a few other addicted hikers out on the trails most weekends. Oh, and the hike above, it's Mt. Carthew .

Kurt Turchan

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