The Vancouver Paddler, book review

Author: [ hawke_gh ]  Dave Falkins   Contact Author: hawke_ghMon Jun 07 15:17:39 UTC 2004

In my humble opinion - this book is one of the top "must reads" for lower mainland paddlers.

Authored by Glen Stedham and published in 1999, it lists and describes 49 paddle routes around the area from Hope (Fraser River - broken down into 5 separate stretches) to Squamish (Squamish & Mamquam Rivers). Trips as brief 1 hour and going all the way up to trips that would take 6-10 days are included. Most are trips that can easily done in less than a day. There are approx 10 ocean routes in here too.

It starts with a 3 level classification guide as to difficulty on both Flatwater and Moving water and briefly slots all the routes into one of these classifications. The next section deals with maps of all the routes and while not topo maps they are shown in enough detail to allow you to thoroughly qualify the trip at a glance. The last section is a chapter by chapter travelogue of each route. There is enough in this book to keep most paddlers busy for 3-4 paddling seasons down in the Lower Mainland area. It has been my most valuable resource for paddling routes in the area to date.

The book can be found in the Metrotown (Burnaby) Library under call no. 917.1133 Ste.

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