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I love off-road trails. I am also a daily bike commuter. I have a bike for most occasions, but always feel like I could use one more. Garage space and budget constraints currently limit me to a quiver four bikes, including a brand new 29er that I’m eager to break in when the snow melts.

I’ve had a few different bike helmets over the years. The ones that have suited me best have offered lots of size flexibility to provide a good fit over toques through the colder months, while providing ventilation on hot summer days. I have to be assured that my head is well protected, and if it looks good and is reasonably light, all the better.

The Louis Garneau Edge is a mean looking helmet, with sharp red and black colour contrasts (mine), or gray with silver contrasts, or white. The plastic shell is rugged but light and includes massive vents that keep air flowing and heads cool even at low speeds, and a hi-tech internal frame system ensures high levels of protection.

The Spiderlock SL II provides tons of sizing flexibility that's easily adjusted single-handed, and includes a pivot system that allows for inclination adjustments. The Edge comes with two sets of sealed and washable pads (nice feature, after those sweaty rides) with different thicknesses to further adjust for the size and shape of your head.

The V-Pro System allows you to quickly install and remove the visor, and it comes with plastic plugs to fill the holes when not used. Nice feature, but I imagine I'll keep the visor on all the time in case of unexpected sunny days.

I found the Edge to fit a bit wider than previous LG helmets I’ve owned, and the straps attach to the outer edge of the cage which I found a bit unusual. But with some configuration and adjustments, it fit me very well.

Overall, the Garneau Edge is a solid all-round helmet that is well suited to a wide range of riding. It will be my helmet of choice for trail riding and beyond.

Here are a few of the technical specs for the part you can't see (and what you'll be relying on if you crash);
  • Super MSB technology: Ring-shaped plastic protection at the base of the helmet reinforces the perimeter for enhanced protection
  • U-Bar technology: Highly inspired by the Exo-Nerv technology, the plastic shell is made with U-shaped ribs (plastic is folded 6 times), that act as a complex exoskeleton to reinforce the helmet's structure
  • Spiderlock SL II: Very light helmet stabilizing system independent from the strap system. Its inclination can be adjusted thanks to its pivot system and can be easily tightened on the head using only one hand
Louis Garneau himself rode in the 1984 Olympic Games for Canada and has been perfecting the art of cycling gear manufacture ever since. Louis Garneau has credibility, and, it's not just good looking stuff, you'll want to rely on your helmet when you least expect it, the rest of the time you don't really want to notice it - and that's the mark of a good helmet. Click Louis Garneau Edge to get more information.

Christophe Credico
Guest Reviewer - MTB enthusiast

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