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dogs on ladders?
posted by: victoria2   email this member
Posted Monday, Jul 28 at 11:04 PM
Mon, Jul 28 at 11:04 PM
Regarding trail Bedwell Lake Trail near Campbell River, BC

I would like to take a large dog (shepard size) on the trail and I see from a previous user that he had to 'heave' his dog up some stairs/ladders. Has anyone brought a dog up lately and is there an alternate route around the ladder areas?

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trails page for toolboxRe: dogs on ladders?
toolbox  email this member
Posted Wednesday, Jul 30 at 3:50 PM
Wed, Jul 30 at 03:50 PM

It is not actually a ladder, it is more of steep steps. As long as the your dog comes down slowly, he should be fine. I have seen big dogs at bedwell before. Unless there is snow around, there is no way around the steps.

trails page for paulaRe: dogs on ladders?
paula  email this member
Posted Friday, Feb 20 at 9:00 PM
Fri, Feb 20 at 09:00 PM
Hi. I've just added 2 pictures at the top of the page, they are of the 2 metal ladders on the trail to Baby Bedwell (the first campsite), so you can decide for yourself. The ladders to the second lake are longer, and pretty steep. I talked to one climber who was travelling with a dog that looked like three quarters of a Saint Bernard. She said she had to detour around some of the ladders. There are no obvious alternate routes, so that would have involved some bush-whacking. She was looking pretty fit, and judging from our conversation she knew what she was doing.
One has to ask about going *down* those ladders as well.
Good luck.

trails page for trad-manRe: dogs on ladders?
trad-man  email this member
Posted Wednesday, Aug 5 at 5:18 AM
Wed, Aug 5 at 05:18 AM
Did you ever get a reply? This is the same reason I found this web site.

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