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Getting out
posted by: dominic   email this member
Posted Saturday, Dec 13 at 9:45 AM
Sat, Dec 13 at 09:45 AM
Regarding trail Monkman Pass Memorial Trail near Tumbler Ridge, BC

Is a river boat necessary? could a friend in a fishing boat not make it up from Prince George?? I just moved to PG and don't know the water systems at all but would love to do the hike.

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trails page for williamcottrell@hotmail.comRe: Getting out  email this member
Posted Monday, Feb 9 at 4:27 PM
Mon, Feb 9 at 04:27 PM
Hey yha sorry this is such a late reply, i amgine you might not have gone yet any way though. Is a river boat nessary? yes, but unfortunatlly you cant even boat the entire way. if your going to leave by boat you need to have your friend firts tow his boat on logging road for about an hour and a half lunch and then boat the rest off the way. Hense why the river boat is done by the guide in PG, but again since the boat ride cost $1200 you might want to just go with the hellicopter only takes 30 min its to get haome costs the same and lets face it, how often do you hike in incredible mountains tottaly sucluded and have a helicopter come pick you up when you want to go home.......Its a pretty exciting sight when it lands on the river bed in front of you.

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