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.GPX files.
posted by: koshel   email this member
Posted Thursday, Sep 24 at 11:18 PM
Thu, Sep 24 at 11:18 PM
Regarding trail Bedwell Lake Trail near Campbell River, BC

I've uploaded a .gpx file onto this website, and it shows everywhere i've been with the GPS unit. I have a Garmin Nuvi 550W, anyone have any clue how i would be able to clear out the cache and be able to upload only the trail, and not the line that leads right to my home?

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trails page for TrevboRe: .GPX files.
Trevbo  email this member
Posted Friday, Sep 25 at 4:25 PM
Fri, Sep 25 at 04:25 PM
Regarding trail Bedwell Lake Trail near Campbell River, BC Lake-Trail-near-Campbell-River-BC-675

you can edit your tracks in any gps software package (e.g. garmnin's mapsource software...)

I forget the exact procedure in mapsource but it's not too hard. You select view tracks and right click (and i think at that point you choose properties)... when you see a tabular list of the data, you can select (highlight) data points in the list... these datapoints will also be highlighted in yellow on the map and you can choose which ones to delete.

You could probably edit the tabular data by date and time (alternatively) in the G7towin softare that is downloadable for free.

otherwise, i guess you could clear out the info on your gps and make sure to turn the tracks off as soon as you are done your hike, then upload them right when you get home... not sure if you can delete tracks right on your GPS but for sure easier to edit in some sort of GPS software.

trails page for Park2Re: .GPX files.
Park2  email this member
Posted Tuesday, Sep 29 at 3:36 AM
Tue, Sep 29 at 03:36 AM
Regarding trail Bedwell Lake Trail near Campbell River, BC Lake-Trail-near-Campbell-River-BC-675

I have a nuvi as well and no, you can not edit or delete any tracks within the GPS unit itself.

If you have Trips & Waypoints (a map-less version of Garmin's MapSource) or MapSource, it is easy to cut/paste/delete/etc tracks in there. You can join track segments, etc.

G7 is probably possible, I've used it a lot but haven't tried to download my nuvi with it. Being all numerical data, AND with just sequentially named tracks,, it isn't really intuitive which track is which when it comes time to delete them.

EasyGPS (free) gives you a graphics preview nd you can delete and/or rename unwanted tracks.

Failing the above, upload the whole file and trailpeaks gps editor will usually sort through it and clean it up sooner or later.

Also with a nuvi, it will be a little happier if you change the mode to pedestrian and/or nav mode to off-road as it will try and 'snap' your position to nearby roads if there are any.

trails page for alpintoRe: .GPX files.
alpinto  email this member
Posted Wednesday, Feb 3 at 7:59 AM
Wed, Feb 3 at 07:59 AM

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