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Hiking Chadsey
posted by: Jennandy   email this member
Posted Tuesday, May 28 at 11:49 PM
Tue, May 28 at 11:49 PM
Regarding trail Chadsey Lake (Centennial trail) near Abbotsford, BC

Just curious how long you think it would take a group of beginner hikers to walk from Batt Rd. to Chadsey Lake. We aren't planning to go to this peak this time.


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trails page for Mr.GRe: Hiking Chadsey
Mr.G  email this member
Posted Wednesday, May 29 at 12:55 AM
Wed, May 29 at 12:55 AM
Regarding trail Chadsey Lake (Centennial trail) near Abbotsford, BC Chadsey-Lake-Centennial-trail-near-Abbotsford-BC-6432

Chadsey lake batt rd entrance from the bottom ? I don't know if you can still access here due to a ugly subdivision denying access? The new parking lot has a new trail called no timeout located just 150 ft. Above the parking lot. This puts you onto the logging rd go w.ten min. On this rd.till you see a sign on n. side Chadsey lake. going up and following this pretty trail approx one hour. To Chadsey lake nice lake to swim or camp so scenic. This week a friend and I chainsawed all the blowdown out to the lake. I also blocked a couple confusing spurs. This week I will be going to the top and continue clearing the blowdown out and putting more signage up. Telephone reception is spotty at best.on Sumas.
Hopefully I can put up better signage top to bottom. The exit off "Sumas mtn.rd page rd.side has a new bridge taking you to the logging rd where you are only 70 ft. From the mid point entrance described above. Good luck

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