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posted by: DFR   email this member
Posted Saturday, Jul 6 at 6:11 AM
Sat, Jul 6 at 06:11 AM
Regarding trail Stawamus Chief near Squamish, BC

They are actually making a gondola to the top of this, apparently adding s restaurant at the top too. I think it's ******** because I think you should earn your right to get to the top. It's really not that hard. Yes your legs are gunna hurt, depending on what fit level you are, but you could hike it, you'll be fine. The top is the most rewarding.
You can do all 3 peaks in one time, and just run down the back way, my husband and I and a few friends went up it with a dog and our 9 month old daughter, who actually slept on the 2nd peak I'm pretty sure. We ran down it just as it was getting dark.
Would recommend this hike to anyone before the gondola gets up, and hopefully it won't.

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trails page for SquamishRealEstateRe: Chief
SquamishRealEstate  email this member
Posted Saturday, Jul 6 at 2:28 PM
Sat, Jul 6 at 02:28 PM
Regarding trail Stawamus Chief near Squamish, BC -Squamish-BC-25

I agree that putting a gondola up the Chief would be disappointing but the Sea to Sky Gondola is NOT going up the Chief. Check out It is going up between the Chief and Shannon Falls and is already under construction. It will offer a completely different experience to the Chief, more in line with Grouse Mountain with a trail that you can hike up or down as well. The top is flat and offers more trails for exploring than the Chief does as well as the opportunity for people who can't hike the Chief to experience that 'top of the world' feeling we all get when we reach the top. It is a compliment to the Chief and a great tourist/economic draw for Squamish.

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