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Have uploaded GPS Track
posted by: LEB   email this member
Posted Tuesday, Aug 26 at 7:33 PM
Tue, Aug 26 at 07:33 PM
Regarding trail Cinnamon Ridge Hoodoos near Kamloops, BC

It is true that finding the trail from ANY description is difficult. We have tried finding this route from this description and others more than once and missed it until someone showed us the right way. I have uploaded my gps track for you to use. Aren't you lucky?
A few notes:
This track takes you to about the end of the Hoodoos. You can also continue up to a peak that overlook the valley and do a loop back to your car, but that is not on this track.
The GPS is as accurate, as, well, a gps--say +- 5 or 6 meters. Because this path is at the base of a sharp gorge, if you use Google Earth's "adjust track to ground height" when the the trackpoints are a bit off left and right, it will have you climbing sharp slopes and cliffs to the left and right. You are better off not using this feature. Just FYI my GPS has an altimiter, and the incline of this hike is 18.5%.
BTW, we take our Golden Retriever on this hike all the time and it is quite suitable for a dog if he stays on the path. If he runs all over the place, he WILL get cactus in his feet. They are painful, but not harmful. You need to pull them out with leather gloves or a small pliers. We are from the area, and my dog knows cactus and knows to stay on the path, and doesn't need a leash. Adjust accordingly.

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