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Chadsey lake
posted by: Mofun   email this member
Posted Tuesday, Sep 9 at 2:42 AM
Tue, Sep 9 at 02:42 AM
Regarding trail Chadsey Lake (Centennial trail) near Abbotsford, BC

I want to find this lake tomorrow and for whatever reason, all the directions I've read sound sketchy. I tried finding the trailhead last year from the very top and couldn't find it. I want to start lower this time and hike up to the Lake. Can anyone give me a good clear instruction on where to park and where the lower trailhead would be? I would appreciate it greatly??

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trails page for ScottCalderRe: Chadsey lake
ScottCalder  email this member
Posted Tuesday, Sep 9 at 3:06 AM
Tue, Sep 9 at 03:06 AM
Regarding trail Chadsey Lake (Centennial trail) near Abbotsford, BC

<a href =" al-trail-near-Abbotsford-BC-6432"> m/trail-Chadsey-Lake-Centennial-trail-near-Abbotsford-BC-643 2</a>

Easy Peasy. From HWY 1 Take the Whatcom Rd Exit North. Turn right on the North Parallel Rd (East). Next turn left on Sumas Mountain Rd and follow that for about 15 minutes to Batt Rd and turn right. Then right on Taggart Rd. As you follow that (gravel road) you‘ll come to a parking place on your right. Pass that one and continue up up up to the next parking place on your left. (5klm‘s more) There are sign posts every klm. Park there. As you stand facing the beautiful view start walking right down the gated small gravel road. There‘s a toilet there. On your right there will be small sign marking the trail to Chadsey Lake. The first bit is really short. You‘ll come out on a small gravel road. Make a left and keep going to the end and the take up the train again. Keep on walking, keep on walking, keep on walking up and down bearing right over a stream with stairs and rope assist and keep going . You‘ll find the Lake. If you want to go to the top of Sumas turn left at the lake and left up the hill for another 50 minutes. Enjoy!

If you are really wanting to start closer to the bottom for your hike it will take about six hours one way. You keep going on Sumas Mt. Road past Batt to where the road becomes gravel for a short section. The trail is called, Western Trailhead. The start of the hike up Sumas Mountain begins from at the side of Upper Sumas Mountain Road, in the curve on the gravel section of the road.

If you drive up to where I suggested first just the hike to the lake is about a 3 hour round trip. 5 - 6 hours for the top depending on your pace. Takes lots of water, bug spray and trail snacks. (like chocolate, ha ha)

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