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Larch Valley Sentinel Pass hike
posted by: Marametz   email this member
Posted Monday, Jul 30 at 6:56 PM
Mon, Jul 30 at 06:56 PM
Regarding trail Larch Valley/Sentinel Pass near Banff, AB

Greetings, my husband and I are looking to do this hike the weekend after this upcoming. Can you please share with me with an overview if its safe to navugate the in pairs and if the hike is safe? Uphill cardio switchbacks are fine but we aren’t interested in mountain climbing ( via dangling from cliffs and scrambling to find our way up ). Can we easily complete the trail staring around noon ?

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trails page for 20lemonpopsRe: Larch Valley Sentinel Pass hike
20lemonpops  email this member
Posted Monday, Jul 30 at 7:22 PM
Mon, Jul 30 at 07:22 PM
hi, the difficulty is easy if you‘re fit and if you‘re used to the altitude. There were elderly people and women carrying babies doing the trek easily.

However for us (city dwellers in our mid 20s) it was mid-moderate. The altitude made it a bit harder to breathe since the city that we‘re from is a much lower altitude.

The first part is very boring with lots of switchbacks, but later on it opens up to a beautiful field of trees surrounded by mountains. it‘s best in the fall when the larches are turning yellow. I‘d say it‘s not worth doing in the summer, it‘s much more beautiful in the fall, but that‘s my opinion.

the rock climbing difficult part comes AFTER the valley. We turned back at the valley and didn‘t continue, but saw some people with proper equipment and boots headed that way.

if you start around noon, you could very easily make it back if you‘re turning around at the valley. It‘d only take you a couple of hours. You could even fit a second hike that day if you‘re feeling up for it, like moraine lake for instance.

HOWEVER if you decide to continue past larch valley into sentinel pass and paradise valley, then you will need a fULL day, starting early in the morning, with lots of water, snacks, proper boots and all of that.

Detailed info here: h ttp://

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