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posted by: OmeljaniukRobert J. Omeljaniuk )   email this member
Posted Thursday, Jan 15 at 6:43 PM
Thu, Jan 15 at 06:43 PM
Regarding trail Yamnuska Summit near Kananaskis, AB


1. I've taken the route up Yamnuska from the east and summitted from the west.

2. From the east, the cable-protected ledge is straightforward but I haven't figured out what to do after I unclip and try to reaccess the route to the summit. I've scrambled down a few meters after the cable-protected ledge and tried to have a look but I wouldn't commit after the wall on the left because I couldn't see. So, which way to get down and resume the summit track?

3. Thanks in advance. When I take my kids up I tend to be very, very cautious. They on the other hand are fearless.



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trails page for slicksterRe: YAMNUSKA TRAVERSE CRUX SOLUTION
slickster  email this member
Posted Sunday, Apr 18 at 4:08 AM
Sun, Apr 18 at 04:08 AM
once you are done with the cable, you'll want to go down and around the wall that faces the cable. i would not recommend climbing the wall to go around.

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