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Mount Baldy
posted by: bernienewberry   email this member
Posted Wednesday, Oct 30 at 2:24 AM
Wed, Oct 30 at 02:24 AM
Regarding trail Mt Baldy (north summit) near Kananaskis, AB

I'm an experienced hiker with a little scrambling experience and was told and read that this was an easy to moderate scramble. However when we got about 1km in we got to the top of a large rock outcrop that quickly descends to a sort of narrow saddle with lots of exposure on either side. Then on the other side of the saddle, which is maybe only 25 m across the terrain climbs pretty quickly and doesn't look to have a lot of holds and is very exposed as well. My question is, did I take a wrong turn and end up on a much more difficult scramble then had been described to me or is that what people are calling an "easy" scramble?

The other thing that has been perplexing me that maybe some one could help illuminate is that in this description, the crux looks like it's before the section that had us turning around ( I also found the crux described somewhere online as a short (2m) bit with some exposure. So there are different accounts out there and I'm searching for some clarity. I guess I am just hoping some one would be so gracious as to give me some more info about the route as I would really like to do it I just want to make sure I'm going the way that's being described in the descriptions I've found.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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trails page for ChrisMarryRe: Mount Baldy
ChrisMarry  email this member
Posted Saturday, Nov 9 at 7:00 AM
Sat, Nov 9 at 07:00 AM
Regarding trail Mt Baldy (north summit) near Kananaskis, AB -north-summit-near-Kananaskis-AB-6780


regarding your questions about Baldy North, it's a bit hard to know if you took the right path as it's a question of perception regarding the scramble part of it and the exposure. I can tell you I did more than 50 scrambles-hikes this summer and I still had a bit of adrenaline at some point on the scramble up. I didn't keep on the "normal trail" for too long. As soon as I saw rocks on my left, I cut right there to scramble. After maybe 700-800 m, the hiking trail (official!?) is really really close to the ridge, you can almost always see it on your right and you're able to take it anytime if you turn back because of the exposure to get easily to the summit this other way.

There is some exposure for sure. The crux for me was when I got to a point where I had to down climb a 3-4 m wall with total exposure, on the right side of the ridge. Once that one is done, you have 2 choices: 1. You "climb" an even higher wall up to the last portion of the hike. I was alone, didn't have a friend of mine to push me through, didn't try that. 2. You get around that wall on the right. You have then to "climb" a very small rock with a clear path, some exposure, but great hands and foot hold. That's where I went for this portion. Then approx. a 100 m to the last portion, and it's 5-6 switchbacks with a bit of exposure for the last part. I didn't think that part was bad at all, but I hiked it slowly and I put my crampons on on the way back down, lots of ice and snow. Probably very easy clear trail there on summer time.

I don't know if that helps, but I also have some pics I did not post and a GPX file from my Garmin watch or even a Google Earth file I can send you if it can help. That's not an easy scramble all the way for sure, but it's so nice to have the opportunity to choose almost all the way up!

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