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first time on Yamnuska
posted by: jackiiieeexo   email this member
Posted Tuesday, May 26 at 11:56 PM
Tue, May 26 at 11:56 PM
Regarding trail Yamnuska Summit near Kananaskis, AB

This is my first time using this site as well as going on Mount Yamnuska. I am a little nervous seeing the difficulty can anyone give me some feed back as to first time goers? I have no special equipment for rock climbing and I have no experience towards it either. Aslo where can I find out if the mountain is available to climb safe and free of wilflife? Thanks so much guys ;)

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trails page for ChrisMarryRe: first time on Yamnuska
ChrisMarry  email this member
Posted Wednesday, May 27 at 12:54 AM
Wed, May 27 at 12:54 AM
Regarding trail Yamnuska Summit near Kananaskis, AB

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< BR>Hi there,

I did that mountain 3 times and I didn't complete the loop the first time because I freaked out with the exposure at the chain traverse. I returned the same way and it was a nice scramble overall. Second and third time were not a problem at all and the chain is actually a very easy section of the hike if you don't mind about that exposure and trust it completely. You can also go upper and climb down the ridge with again, total exposure and no chain to help you out. I did both because I helped my spouse do the ridge since she couldn't trust the chain at all. It's been actually easier for her, but there's great exposure and if you don't feel safe down climbing, you shouldn't do it. After the chain section, you have a last scrambling portion where you don't want to go too low and then a last steep slope to hike to the highest summit. Down the other way completely to finish the loop is exceptional since you have a lot of great scree and you can pretty much "ski" down the hill on two long scree slopes, it's so much fun!

I thought your question was about hiking to the summit. If it's about climbing, I have never tried it yet. I am just starting to climb outdoor. I would recommend you going with someone else the first or at least, have a GPS with recorded data for that loop. You can check out website to knoe if it's open and if there's a bear-cougar alert. On the left section of the main page, there are a lot of great links and phone contact to help you out with this.


trails page for EajackRe: first time on Yamnuska
Eajack  email this member
Posted Sunday, Jun 21 at 4:06 AM
Sun, Jun 21 at 04:06 AM
Regarding trail Yamnuska Summit near Kananaskis, AB

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I agree with Chris (above) it is so much fun! Not sure if you have gone yet, the weather hasn't been terribly cooperative for the past month.

Today was my first time doing Yamnuska Peak loop. I did it with 2 friends, one who was very experienced with the route. We aren‘t the fastest hikers but we were hustling and passed everyone we met on the mountain. We completed the hike/scramble/scree in 3h40.

We ascended the main route going up using the chains to the summit. The chains themselves feel and look secure and only 1-2 portions of the chain are actually exposed. I didn‘t trust the chain at first but as long as one person crosses at a time it is fine. As you can imagine this can cause some traffic. It took us just over 2 hours to summit.

If you are unfamiliar with how to scree or which scree paths to take, I would recommend a first time goer like yourself to return the way you came just for pure safety. If you‘re up for an adventure and you know how to scree take the loop. IMO the second half of the loop is fairly sketchy but if you‘re careful, it is by far the best and more enjoyable part of the trail.

TIPS: there‘s a large scree trail just off the summit that you need to go down and slightly LEFT on- if you go straight you will fall down a drop off!! Follow the trail (blue squares) to the top of the other side and to the scree runs. Carefully choose your scree trail here as some are more washed out than others. Once you get to the last scree hill, to get to the safer runs you need to follow a tiny, washed out trail atop loose rock.

The full loop was exceptional but as the description on the below link notes, know your limits and BE CAREFUL OF YOUR FOOTING!

trails page for teeny_treesRe: first time on Yamnuska
teeny_trees  email this member
Posted Monday, Sep 19 at 10:01 PM
Mon, Sep 19 at 10:01 PM
Regarding trail Yamnuska Summit near Kananaskis, AB

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< BR>I would consider this an easy hike as there is not a lot of technical scramble. For first timers and if you are not experienced to hiking then it may be considered more of a moderate challenge however if you take your time and hike within your limits, then anyone can do this. Terrain is on large/loose scree once you hit the mountain portion of it so I would recommend that you wear hiking boots for better footing and stability. You can make do in runners/sneakers but most who have done in that footwear don't fare too well = lots of foot slippage while stepping up (aka: wasted energy) and lack of ankle support.

This hike is one of the most popular summits and gets incredibly busy. Go early to beat the rush for the chain section and the summit. When doing the chains, be careful and use common sense. The chain is there for a reason so use it if you need to. The footing is fine but can be slippery when wet...hence check weather conditions before you do your hike.
If you're climbing Yamnuska, I believe there are a few sport routes but caters mainly to trad. This means ensure you have gear for trad climbing (cams). Lots of loose rock and unstable rock so make sure everyone has a helmet.

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