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Skyline trail end of July
posted by: Evashalala   email this member
Posted Friday, Apr 21 at 6:48 PM
Fri, Apr 21 at 06:48 PM
Regarding trail Skyline Trail near Jasper, AB


I am a Belgian girl, traveling with my family to Canada. The last week I will be on my own and I want to do some hikes!

I am going to Jasper NP end of July. Unfortunately, a lot of campsites seems already to be booked on the skyline trail already... Would it be ok to do Little Shovel - Watchtower camp sites only? Evelyn Creek is also still be possible to book, but that's it...
I already had my share of hiking with heavy backpack but I know how dangerous it is, definitely on your own... but this hike looks just so lovely! I already contacted the Shovel Pass Lodge, but I didn't hear from them so far.

So excited to go to Canada

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trails page for seekerofsolaceRe: Skyline trail end of July
seekerofsolace  email this member
Posted Friday, Apr 21 at 6:57 PM
Fri, Apr 21 at 06:57 PM
Regarding trail Skyline Trail near Jasper, AB

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< BR>Hello and welcome to Canada! (Soon)

Little Shovel on the first night and Watchtower on the second will still be an amazing adventure. The Watchtower basin is absolutely beautiful completely different from the rest of the Skyline trail.

If you can arrange a pick up, you can also hike out on the Watchtower trail - or double back and return to the Maligne lake parking lot where you started!


trails page for NigeRe: Skyline trail end of July
Nige  email this member
Posted Thursday, May 25 at 10:21 PM
Thu, May 25 at 10:21 PM
Regarding trail Skyline Trail near Jasper, AB

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< BR>Hello Belgian girl,

I think you will enjoy Canada and Jasper. People from Belgium are blown away by the open spaces and endless valleys.

I used to work for Parks Canada and spent quite a bit of time on the Skyline decades ago - so my information may be outdated... You will enjoy the Watchtower Basin. Exiting the Watchtower Trail is an option. I would not double back myself.

I might even go up the Watchtower trail in the first place (steady hiking) and exit at Maligne Lake which is a beautiful place to end any hike.

Regardless of which way you do it, I would find a way to drop my heavy pack and go light for a speed hike up the Notch above Curator Lake. That way you would get the best of the view of the Skyline from its highest point and most scenic dramatic view.

Contact the trail office of Parks Canada for advice. Mail or telephone (internet) to talk to the experienced people at the trail office.

You can probably take a short taxi ride from Jasper to the bridge crossing the Athabasca River and then hitch a ride to Maligne Lake or the Watchtower trail head.

You can definitely hitch a ride back to town after the hike... Everybody going to same place.

The Maligne Canyon Youth Hostel is also on that road so you can start/end there... Find someone to join you for at least part of hike up the Watchtower (good day hike for them).

Bring DEET in case bugs when wind drops. You can get snow on the tent at any time of year so bring hat and gloves.

Walk with your head looking forward so you do not trip over a bear looking for berries. If you see a bear, talk to it like an old friend. Slowly step off the trail if it wants to pass. Never ever run from a bear. Very rarely will need to shout at it to go away.

PS. I think the lodge you referred to operate mostly on the West side of the range.

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