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Puntledge Loop
posted by: Elysium   email this member
Posted Sunday, Aug 17 at 5:02 AM
Sun, Aug 17 at 05:02 AM
Has anyone here been on the Puntledge Loop?

I am new to mountain biking and randomly chose this trail based on the length and description of being "easy"....printed the map and directions from here...which were very enticing and a great help to getting to the general vicinity. Once there (on the Duncan Bay Main at Stotan Falls) I could not figure out how to get on the actual Loop. Tried a few trails around the immediate area of the falls, but they were all dead ends. That general area is new to me, so I was at natures mercy. Ended up having a pretty good splash at the falls anyways, so all was not lost, although I would love to actually get on the trail at some point.

Any input would be great!

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trails page for ChrisORe: Puntledge Loop
ChrisO  email this member
Posted Monday, Nov 17 at 4:59 PM
Mon, Nov 17 at 04:59 PM
Hey, I've posted a question on the Puntledge Loop trail page. On any trail page, there's a button down on the bottom right "post a question". It posts the question to these forums, but also puts the question and a link to the forum post on the trail page itself, so anyone looking at the trail can see that's there's a question out there in the ether ...

Anyway, here's the trail link:
Puntledge Loop near Courtenay, BC ear-Courtenay-BC-2108

And here's the new forum question. on=forums&val=thread&forum=4491&thread=4166

I'm not familiar with the area, but is there someone out there that knows anything more about this trail?

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