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Level of Difficulty
posted by: mountainhighDiane Roy )   email this member
Posted Sunday, Sep 12 at 8:55 PM
Sun, Sep 12 at 08:55 PM
Regarding trail McCallum Gulch near Amherst, NS

Hi. We are interested in this hike and would like to get more information on the level of difficulty and approximate duration. We have not used a GPS before (have done only marked trails....except for once we wandered off the trail and got lost) Figure we need a GPS for bush wacking this one!

Any information is very much appreciated!

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trails page for BenlalondeRe: Level of Difficulty
Benlalonde  email this member
Posted Sunday, Sep 12 at 10:19 PM
Sun, Sep 12 at 10:19 PM
Regarding trail McCallum Gulch near Amherst, NS r-Amherst-NS-6750

The falls on McCallum gultch are easy enough to find as you basically start at the head of the stream and head downstream to where it meets the east branch moose river. From there to the massive waterfalls on the moose river is some of the most challenging terrain in NS. Apart from my sport watch GPS I went with just some topos of the area since you will basically follow one and then another river/stream. So bascially no use for a GPS. Expect to have to find better routes all the time ...don't be shy of returning on your steps from time to time to find a better route around steep cliffs. Difficulty on the McCallum gultch is moderate to easy while the way to the falls on the east branch moose river is definitely extreme. I did the whole track uploaded to trailpeak in less then 3 hours but it could take a lot more depending on your navigational skills.



trails page for The Big XRe: Level of Difficulty
The Big X  email this member
Posted Saturday, Oct 2 at 12:02 PM
Sat, Oct 2 at 12:02 PM
Regarding trail McCallum Gulch near Amherst, NS r-Amherst-NS-6750

Better late than never I suppose!

I've done at least 5 expeditions to this site and it is well worth the trip. I found Benlalonde's route (described in his trailpeak entry) hard to duplicate the first time I tried it, so I opted for an approach that led me straight up the river. Read my full account at my blog - http://dayhikeradvent june-12-2010/ and also see my video on youtube - http://www.yo

My route is achievable in 3 to 4 hours.

As for difficulty, it really depends on which route you take. My route was only difficult in the narrow, steep areas of the rive gorge. But while there I saw a young couple coming down from the western slope of the gorge, and the man had a baby on his back! So apparently there has to be at least one not so treacherous (although likely still very steep) approach from the west side, likely accessed from the cul-du-sac at the end of the dirt road to the west of the falls, visible on satellite images on google maps.

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