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Portal campground?
posted by: tinker59   email this member
Posted Monday, Oct 12 at 12:31 PM
Mon, Oct 12 at 12:31 PM
Regarding trail Maccarib Pass near Jasper, AB

Although a nice "looking" c/g This is probably the worst positioned or designed campsite in the National Parks. The c/g is(was in 2001)surrounded by alder and with the creek so close it is very noisy, both conditions that can offer cover for a bear. That is what happened in the fall of 1993/94? A grizzly tracked a British couple into the c/g and mauled the female and killed her male companion. The bear had gotten into a skirmish with a porcupine and had a snout full of quills thus it was surmised making it difficult to feed. The bear was located by wardens and was killed.

I was living up in the upper chalet at Marmot Basin at the time and saw the chopper and wardens heading in as I returned from a trip into Poboktan creek area that fall.

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