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dogs at Garibaldi?
posted by: muddgirrl   email this member
Posted Thursday, Jul 29 at 2:44 AM
Thu, Jul 29 at 02:44 AM
Regarding trail Garibaldi Lake / Taylor Meadows near Squamish, BC

Hi - does anyone know if dogs are allowed in the Garibaldi Lake hiking trails & camping?

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trails page for jayfredRe: dogs at Garibaldi?
jayfred ( Jay )  email this member
Posted Saturday, Jan 8 at 6:53 AM
Sat, Jan 8 at 06:53 AM
Regarding trail Garibaldi Lake / Taylor Meadows near Squamish, BC ribaldi-Lake-Taylor-Meadows-near-Squamish-BC-5153

Super late to your question but NO - Dogs are apparently not allowed anywhere within Garibaldi.
I went up snowshoeing to the peak and brought mine anyways. The parks operations guy told me that dogs weren't allowed at which point I told him I'll take the ticket and continue on.
Turns out he doesn't write tickets - The parks ranger does. He wasn't working that day.
If ever presented with the opportunity to go back I would - It was an amazing climb with stunning views. Angus (my chocolate lab) had a blast too!
Not too sure what the exact policies of the park rangers are - ie they catch you with a dog half way up or in the parking lot, can you take the ticket and be go hiking for the day? can they kick you off the mountain? withhold you from going up?

Anyone know how that works?

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