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Snowshoeing & Camping in Southern AB
posted by: peter.imhof   email this member
Posted Monday, Nov 24 at 5:07 AM
Mon, Nov 24 at 05:07 AM
Hi there,

I somehow got into my head that it would be fun to spend a couple of days out in the mountains, snowshoeing and camping backcountry. Ideally, I am looking for a trip somewhere in Waterton Park or Glacier, but the Crowsnest Pass or Kananaskis or nearby BC would also work. I seem to recall that somebody suggested a long time ago to snowshoe up Going-To-The-Sun road in Glacier national park to Logan Pass (~30km from the hiway one way) but I can't seem to find anything specific along those lines. Any suggestions, recommendations, words of warning or encouragement will be much appreciated!


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trails page for Park2Re: Snowshoeing & Camping in Southern AB
Park2  email this member
Posted Monday, Nov 24 at 4:02 PM
Mon, Nov 24 at 04:02 PM
Consider this words of encouragement.. Go for it dude !!

There is all kinds of back country campgrounds in K-co but unfortunately some of the roads that get you to the trailheads get closed (i.e. HiWay 40 gets closed at Peter Lougheed Prov Park (PLPP) for South bound travel, I think the highway out West of Turner Valley etc. also get closed before you get to some trailheads). Still I'm sure there is LOTSA choices. Starting at PLPP I'm sure there would be options and great snow.

The gov'mt K-co has lotsa ideas, lookie here: spx

>>Backcountry Permits:
Backcountry camping permits are required at all designated backcountry campgrounds in Kananaskis Country. Random backcountry camping without a permit is allowed in most Wildland Provincial Parks (excepting Sparrow Hawk and Memorial Lakes areas) and Provincial Forest Lands.

Backcountry camping permits cost $8.00 + GST per person per night, plus a non-refundable charge of $10.00 + GST per party per trip. These fees are used to offset the cost of the Kananaskis Country backcountry camping and trails program. Persons under 16 years of age are not required to pay the fee, but do require a permit.
Permits can be purchased in person at Barrier Lake Visitor Information Centre and the Peter Lougheed Provincial Park Visitor Information Centre during normal hours of operation.
To purchase a permit by phone contact (403) 678-3136 (In Alberta toll-free by first dialing 310-0000). It is always a good idea to phone ahead to ensure that you can obtain a campsite.

Please check here the Backcountry Use Guidelines (will open an other browser window) skis/Backcountry_Guidelines/Bckg_Guidelines.htm
<& lt;

You can also 'shoe into Banff from Shark Lake & book the Bryant Creek cabin and *many* other choices, see here: h ttp:// Several of the campsites listed specifically say open all year. You can always camp a little closer to civilization (Banff) and snowshoe out into the woods from there, it'll still be winter camping but you can always go to 2nd cup when you get back to your tent.

HEY!! Good Luck & keep us posted. If you want /need some company, maybe even put a notice up here looking for others who might want to do the same event (generally speaking the more people that go, the safer it is and the more contingencies that can be adapted to).

trails page for peter.imhofRe: Snowshoeing & Camping in Southern AB
peter.imhof  email this member
Posted Tuesday, Nov 25 at 5:45 AM
Tue, Nov 25 at 05:45 AM
> Consider this words of encouragement.. Go for it dude !!
Thanks, man! I'll blame you when I am cold and hungry and scared ;-)

So far, after a bit more browsing the internet, my favorites are the summit lake in Waterton even though I am not sure how to turn it into an overnighter (trail description here on trailpeak) or something between the Highwood House or Sheep River Park at the Southern tip of Kananaskis simply because it would save me some driving. Your suggestion of the Bryant Creek Cabin sounds great. I bet it get's booked up really fast.

I can't dig up anything on Logan Pass in Glacier, though. Must be one of those hiking myths...

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