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New to snowshoeing
posted by: Steve MahoodSteve Mahood )   email this member
Posted Sunday, Nov 30 at 11:53 PM
Sun, Nov 30 at 11:53 PM
Regarding trail Gatineau Park Snowshoeing near Hull, PQ

Hi All,

my wife and i are new to this sport and have purchased Atlas run snowshoes as this is more to our liking. My question is do we wear regular running shoes or some type of boot ?

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trails page for madsteph2Re: New to snowshoeing
madsteph2  email this member
Posted Tuesday, Nov 24 at 1:45 AM
Tue, Nov 24 at 01:45 AM
When it's not too cold (above -5C) I wear my regular hiking boots with good socks, but when it's cooler I wear winter boots that are more insulated. I don't recommend that you wear your regular shoes.

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