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Paddling the Ramparts of the Mackenzie River
posted by: Loftysfarm   email this member
Posted Monday, Feb 16 at 5:45 PM
Mon, Feb 16 at 05:45 PM
Regarding trail Mackenzie River near Yellowknife, NT

I have canoed lots but new to my sea kayak. I have crossed Nemeiben Lake in Sask on a windy day with metre high waves so have some experience. I chose the sea kayak for the Mackenzie River trip because of the speed of travel. My wife works for the Sahtu School Division on the river and has agreed to make food drops at Norman Wells, Tulita, and Fort Good Hope which should help in terms of cargo space. My two questions are:
1) Going through the Ramparts, say with relatively no wind, what degree of difficulty would you classify it for
a somewhat fit 69 year old. Does it matter which side you take to go through the canyon?

2) What about meeting or being passed by the barge boats in the canyon.

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