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This is me and Kippy doing a favorite hike on the winter beaches of Cape Cod. We're out there birdwatching and ocean-watching! We did these hikes at least once a week during the about fresh air! Birding is a passion and I usually combine it with any hikes I'm on.

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From: Boston,MA     46-65   female
Favorites:  Hiking, Sea Kayaking, Cross Country Skiing
Learning:  Rock Climbing

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by: jorowe Tue Oct 14 00:55:58 UTC 2008       email this member
what up D!

by: DMS Sat Aug 02 00:54:45 UTC 2008    
Spent a short time at the Blue Hills Reservation the other day and did a small hike. Nice and rocky! No wonder I hear it is good training ground for the Whites. Lots of rocks with some hands-on needed. Some nice views at the top of the hill!

by: DMS Sat Jul 26 14:34:30 UTC 2008    
Anyone out there experienced in loaded bike touring? I'd love to share stories and ideas about trips and gear. I've done trips across the US as well as local trips in Maine and NY for example. Post a response to this blog! DMS

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