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Welcome to the new and improved Eastern Mountain Sports Hingham. We are under new management and plan on BLOWING AWAY all the other stores. We have a one of a kind staff here. I don't to brag but we are so much better looking the that canton store. Plus we have a bigger store. What more can you ask for. Well if you want to ask for more we probably will have that as well.

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by: EMSHingham Tue Jul 29 20:12:25 UTC 2008    
The Hingham Blog: Everyday I come to work and pass a place that sells boats. I know there are tons of place in my area that sells boat well this one that you pass when coming from the north on 3A just before the store is the best. They have a sign that reads and I am not making this up at all. "We Have Fuel Effecnt Boats." Now this may not be funny to you rigght away. this is one of those you have to see it things but I will do my best to paint the picture. First of all it is tied to a couple of motor boats. If I put that sign up I wouldn't use motor boats I would make the picture grab you and pull you in via laughing your butt off. I would pick out a small canoe or kayak and a nice big sail boat. How much more fuel effecnt can you get with those. I just can't look at that sign and not laugh because of what it says. Why don't they get to the point with the sign. "We don't sell anything with a motor." Better yet "GAS! Who needs it when you sails." So if you ever come to the store and are coming from the north keep an eye out for this sign.

by: EMSHingham Sun Jul 27 19:39:39 UTC 2008    
The Hingham Blog: It was a sad day earlier this week. Diane one of our floor supervisors left us to work at another store. She will be miss and we all hope she does well in foxboro (the new store). In other news Today is the last day of the tour de france so be sure to watch it. I hear it is going to be a good final stage. Lastly and probably not finally school is less than a month away and that means cheap clothing. I love this time of year. Due to someone elses kids going to school I can finally afford clothes. Finally it pays off to be short and skinny. Now if only food like pizza and beer would go on sale as well I would be all set.

by: EMSHingham Fri Jul 25 14:43:04 UTC 2008    
The Hingham Blog: What a week this is truning out to be. Rain rain and more rain. I hope the weather has been better for everyone else but here oh my gosh it has been bad. I guess there were some tornados and some people lost power. All and all this was a pretty awesome storm we had. I know I enjoyed the lightening show we were having. However the storm did come at a rather bad time. It was my day off and my only option was to stay inside and only enjoy the show. Due to lighting I could not go out on or in the water or really do much of anything else. So in the end my days off were a complete wash. Speaking of wash my truck was clean at the end of the two days off. Oh well I got to stay in and read a little so I can't complain too much. I almost forgot that I saw an amazing part of the tour de france. I am not a huge fan of the tour but once they get into the mountains that is when the fun really starts. Yesterday was the last day of the mountain stages and they will be done in a few days but wednesday was one of the best stages so far of the tour. it was a pretty challenging course. I think they had to cross three mountains and the finish was on the third. Now for us east coasters the mountains are roughly between 4000 and 6000 feet. That is what we think of high up. Now in the alps they are around 10000 to 15000 feet. That is two mount washingtons on top of eachother. plus they are peddling up these things at speeds around 15 mph. So give them a pat on the back for even considing it. Now for the icing on the cake. the winner of the race took off from the pack around 30 miles out and won the stage by 2 minutes over the second place guy. I know no big deal. However the guy in second was not wearing the yellow. The riders in first and second overall crossed the line almost 3 minutes after putting the break away guy in the lead by almost a full two minutes. Now this could never happen on a flat course. The pace would be much to high and the pack would be able to stay together and travel at too high of a speed for any single man to stay out and win by that amount of time. But the mountains change all of this. The pack pretty much falls apart and can never get back together. Even though these guys are pros and have almost super human ablilities on a bike they still can't handle the climbs. So chasing some of these guys down is almost impossible. That is what is great about the mountains. If you can climb them you can win the tour.

by: EMSHingham Tue Jul 22 17:52:31 UTC 2008    
The Hingham Blog: Wow what a day today turned out to be. This morning it was all gray and dark but now sun is out and making me want to have some fun. I know Steve and a few others are going on the kayaking tour today put on by our good friend Luke. However I am not going to be on that little tour. I am going to go for a run (I have a big triathlon next weekend) and a little climbing after. I would recommend maybe join us today for that paddle. If not I hope your at least getting out to relax and enjoy what is starting to turn out to be a nice evening. On a completely different page we are half way through the summer and I am already starting to think about hanging up the boat and bike and taking out the skiies. I know I know it is half way but last season has be all charged up. We have not had that much snow in a long time. I will not rant long about this but I really really hope for a repeat. I need to beat the manager of Cantons record. I am not sure but if I remember correctly he got out almost 70 times. Some might say did he even work or does he have a life. those are both good questions. But let me leave you with this thought. How do you kill what has no life? Think about that one. But not too hard.

by: EMSHingham Sun Jul 20 18:25:33 UTC 2008    
The Hingham Blog: What is up with this weather? Could it be any more humid? It wasn't bad this morning but I just went out to get some food and it was just a wall of thick air. Honestly this is one weather pattern I can do without. Hail fine. Hurricanes crazy. Tornadoes cool but humidity not so cool. Not even close to cool. As a matter of fact it is right down nasty. No matter how good you feel inside you will always feel horrible once youâ??re outside. There is no escaping it either. Well there is one way but that involves you locking yourself in your house and turning on the a/c which as an outdoorsmen I do not encourage. You would think with all the global warming going on it would go away. The weather is getting messed up everywhere else but in that department. I don't think that the globe is warming as much as just getting really humid. Maybe thatâ??s what it is. We have a global humidity problem on our hands. We all know how to solve that problem too. A really big dehumidifier. Run by solar power of course. Don't want to make the problem worse. Oh and another thing to all you people out there who like to feed the bird. Please and I mean please do it away from my car. Why must I suffer for your pleaser of feed and probably accidentally killing these poor birds. Thank you.

by: EMSHingham Sun Jul 20 02:35:07 UTC 2008    
The Hingham Blog: Well it is saturday and you know what that means. Yes it is the weekend. What else would it be. Just about the entire supply of rental gear is out. we are glad to see so many people are getting out and having fun. I know our staff is out enjoying this nice weekend. I know the summer is half way over but that doesn't mean the fun is. Kayaks are not just for the water. They make amazing sleds as well. So keep that in mind you kayakers. Maybe you will some of us out on the slopes in our boats. If you do you might want to stay clear of us. The boats are a little hard to stop or even steer for that matter. On a completely different subject. Has anyone been watching the tour de france. they are fourteens stages in and this is when it gets good too. They are flying through the alps tomorrow so be sure to tune in.

by: EMSHingham Thu Jul 17 21:19:42 UTC 2008    
The Hingham Blog: Its a beautiful thursday here in Hingham and nothing could be better then that. Well maybe the day off and enjoying the weather but you can't win all the time. We are doing our usual of selling, renting, and of course just looking good. It was a slow start to the day but who could blame you. I wouldn't want to go shopping on a nice day like this. If I had my way I would be out kayaking right now with my feet in the water as I paddled around. Mmmmmm refreshing. Well all I am saying is enjoy the day because who knows what tomorrow will be like. Wait no never mind we do know. It is looking like even warmer weather. Sounds like a good day to get out of work early and head on off to the beach to relax before you have to go home and cook dinner. But then again that is just me. Not that I leave work early or encourage you to do so. It just would be nice. Well I better be heading back to work. I can tell the other guy wants to take his break now. Until next time be safe, have fun, and recycle.

by: EMSHingham Tue Jul 15 19:12:09 UTC 2008    
The Hingham Blog: Today at Hingham Steve and Aaron (the new management) got into the store bright and early to clean up after the carpet cleaning. Yes that means that outdoorsy smell isn't as bad. Steve and Aaron have big plans for this store and have already gotten off to what seems like a great start and pretty much renovated the store over night. But that is enough about them lets talk about Trail Mix Crunch for a little bit. First of all it is pretty tasty and I would know having eaten roughly a hundred boxes of them. The best part is the part no one will get to see. Kraft Food Company is planting trees in our name. Plus they have given us money which we will be donating. How great is that? So if your feeling hungry for adventure or just food stop on by any EMS and get your free box now (while supplies last). On another note we have a beautiful day outside and the staff or pumped about it. They are either out right now or planning on having some good adventures once they get out of work. So keep your eyes open for them. You never know where they might turn up.

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