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From: Vancouver,BC     36-45   male
Favorites:  Hiking, Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking
Learning:  Wind/Kite/Surf

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by: goaroundglobe Mon Sep 09 17:32:00 UTC 2013    
Sorry Jayeltee, didn't see your question up until today. Hopefully you did manage to get to the trail head of Mt Slesse. If not yet, you don't really need 4X4 but you do need high clearance vehicle! Good luck!

by: Jayeltee Wed Aug 28 22:34:43 UTC 2013       email this member
Hello goaroundglobe,
I am hoping to hike the Mt. Slesse Memorial tail on Labour day. Is the road to the trailhead accessible by a regular car or is a 4x4 or lifted vehicle needed? Your help is appreciated! :)

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