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From: Southwick,MA     15-25   male
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by: loki982 Sun May 10 17:05:01 UTC 2009       email this member
hey, good writing! I won the new orleans international mountain biking and at the age of 16, I'm doing pretty good!

by: mtnbguy1107 Tue Mar 10 17:40:50 UTC 2009    
Well i just got done with my first international bike ride. It was in the setting of the Italian country side and was beautiful. The weather want the most favorable, very high winds and a nice chill but otherwise great. I dont think i will ever do a road ride lasting more then an hour on my mountian bike again. We did a road ride which was about 40 miles or so and hit 3 towns that were set halfway up a mountian and at the base of the mountian as well. Great ride though

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