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Back country and multi day treks are my favorite, I have a habit (some say good, some say bad) of stopping mid trek to build cairns, love life above the tree line along with all the nifty gear it takes to make it out alive and inspired.

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by: seekerofsolace Sun Mar 27 22:00:44 UTC 2016    
Regarding trail Skyline Trail near Jasper, AB

I've booked the following dates for my third adventure on the Skyline (June 26 - July 1 2016) with stops at Little Shovel, Watchtower, Curator, Tekkara and Signal. The option of swapping out Curator for Shovel Pass Lodge on the 28th also exists.

Trekking solo for now but open to sharing the trail with easy going first timers or repeaters alike!

I'll be leaving Vancouver by car on either June 24 or 25 2016.

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