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Brighter Planet's 350 Challenge

I love hiking and kayaking with my dogs. Unfortunately, they have not learned the difference between drinking from the water bottle and a stagnant water pool along the trail. More training required at my end! Other things I like to do include scuba diving, sailing, swimming, horseback riding, wilderness camping, alpine skiing, snowshoeing, and sledding. I've done a little fencing, rock climbing and kiting. My favorite hikes have been in the high desert regions of Oregon and Northern California. My favorite skiing was on Heavenly at South Lake Tahoe - the Nevada side. My best horseback riding was in Kansas and my best camel ride was in Egypt. For kayaking I love the ocean the best but a fast running river can be a blast! On quiet water, I take the ride-on-top kayak and work on my tan. The dogs work on catching turtles and ducks. They've never gotten either! Just wet! My best scuba dive ever was in New Mexico in a watering hole on a ranch. There were fresh water sponges growing at 200'! Chemosynthesis is the current theory as to why. In college, I was on a team that built a human-powered wet submarine and raced it off the coast of West Palm Beach. We placed 6th. Peddling a submarine on scuba through the ocean currents is a tough endurance sport! We outdoor enthusiasts must just be crazy or else we just love the endless possibilities available to us in the outdoors! Enjoy Life! See you out there!

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From: Salem,NH     46-65   female
Favorites:  Hiking, Sea Kayaking, Snowshoeing
Learning:  Rock Climbing

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by: beans.and.rice.chef Tue Sep 16 12:57:19 UTC 2008       email this member
Hi! I'm working on distributing those matchbooks- would you believe that none of the labs in my building use bunsen burners?

by: EMS Hyannis Wed Apr 30 16:18:53 UTC 2008       email this member
Hey, nice sight dude.

Go out and play!!!

ej cape cod

by: climbhigh868 Sat Mar 01 19:09:19 UTC 2008       email this member
hey boss, just checking out the site and adding some things up in the Northshore. My offer still stands, if you need an official route checker, I'm your guy. Have a great day! ND

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