About Trailpeak

Trailpeak is a Canadian trails site that has Canadian and U.S. trails submitted by users and trailpeak editors. The site was built to allow trail information sharing, promote self-propelled activity, and help you find awe-inspiring natural places. There are over 10,000 trails on the site, and it's completely free to view them. There are a few extra functions avilable for registered users (e.g. printer friendly, the ability to maintain a to do list of hikes, or a record of trails done). It's free to register and we've never and will never release your email to 3rd parties.

The GPS data is free for those that contribute some in turn. This makes the trail content entirely free. If a user has no GPS data to offer, we provide a way to get GPS data through a modest contribution which helps us offset the costs of running the site.

Trailpeak has been built and operates on a cost recovery basis only, so we do permit some advertising and we do have a premium membership which does have a few extra features. We rely on users to keep the site running. There isn't a lot we ask, all trails are verified by editors before being approved, but users can do one of the following to support us.

We love the outdoors, and we are enthusiasts ourselves. The features we build on this site reflect what our users, friends, and we ourselves think makes sense. If you have a comment or a question, please use the contact form and you'll get an email back pretty quick.

We hope you enjoy, check out the FAQ for some quick tips on finding trails and using the site.

The Trailpeak team!

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