Finding Trails

There are several ways to find trails on Trailpeak, each is explained;

  • On the home page, in the site's top navigation bar, and in each activity portal (e.g. hiking main page) there is a form based search tool, enter any field to narrow your results, e.g. by activity, difficulty, nearest town, or province / state.
  • Below the form based text search in each portal, there is a map based search tool. If you've logged in, or, set the region (e.g. B.C.) and activity using navigation at the very top of the site, then when you click the map you will get a large google map for your region of choice with trailheads indicating where all the trails are. Just zoom in and click away.
  • Use our town widget pages -- these are town based and provide a number of ways to inspect local trails by town name. Note that although you've picked a town by name, this only serves to anchor the map at that location, all trails from the region are shown on the map. You've got activity filters, and, other stats such as top trails (refreshed weekly), top users, and all the content we can find in proximity to town.
  • You get the town pages from the home page when you click a province, or, from any activity portal which shows a featured town, or from any trail page (when you click the town name for the trail). Once you are on a town page -- you can change location.
  • When viewing any trail, you'll notice our trail details page has a number of button options at the top, one of which is to "More Like This" right next to Description and Directions. When you click you are then given an option to click the widget page for the town which this trail is tagged with, as well as a list of other trails of the same difficulty within the chosen region (e.g. B.C.).
  • If you like the trail you are looking at, consider clicking the author's page to see what else they've added, when you get to their page, see what they've added or want to do.
  • Still not sure, ask a question to the author and each reviewer -- just click "Ask a Question" button at the top of the trail page, and, if you are signed in, you will have a form with which to ask you question. Your question will be posted in a forum for all to see, and, all reviewers and the trail author will get an email copy of your question. When they respond (in the forum where the question is placed), you will also get an email with the response. This is a well used feature that has helped many members.
  • Another button at the top of any trail page, called "Find Others" allows you to see who else has placed this trail in their wishlist, and again, you can now surf their trails wishlist, or contact them. To contact another member directly via email, Trailpeak allows it (if the user also allows it) but, it's for premium members only.
  • Please consider becoming a premium member, your $25 helps us offset hosting and support to keep the site operating. Premium members get GPS credits, entries in our gear draws for great gear, and premium content features. Click support Us to find out more.
  • The Portal pages provide stats on 20 popular trails (by province, and by activity) from the week before from our own stats. Sign in or select a region and activity using our navigation to narrow. If you are looking to sample some of the must do's and hidden gems, this is a great way to start. The top 250 list is available to premium members and can be generated by town name to get very specific.
GPS Exchange

Here are several key factors related to GPS exchange on trailpeak;

  • We have a GPS tutorial which goes into some detail (see home page for link)
  • We also have a GPS course (5-6 hours) soup to nuts compass, GPS, and map
  • You get 3 download credits for every 1 GPS file (GPX) you submit that is approved
  • If you don't have any to give, please consider supporting us by purchasing a 12 pack for $25
  • Submitted GPS data helps everyone as we plot the data in Google Maps in each trail with GPS data
  • In each trail, click EXPAND + to see a larger map with GPS data, animation and overlays
  • You can download GPX data straight into your GPS using Garmin Mapsource or many other programs
  • We get a lot of duplicates now of people submitting GPS for trails that already have it. Please check before submitting, and please use our portal pages (e.g. hiking) to see a list of trails we need GPS for.
Adding Content - Helps Others

Trailpeak has over 10,000 trails from coast to coast because you have taken the time to add;

  • Wiki edit -- you can edit the text of any trail, just click wiki edit to help us keep the content up to date
  • GPS data -- as explained above, just submit in GPX format and you get 3 download credits. See our 'wanted' list, if you are looking for a mission, go to any portal (e.g. hiking) to see the list you can earn GPS credits for.
  • Images - click "Add Photo" in any trail to add more images
  • Trail Reviews -- these are very helpful and help others, click "Post Review" in any trail
  • Video -- have some Youtube video of the trail or see some Youtube video that applies. Just grab the embed code and click "Add Video" in the trail. Even if the video isn't yours, linking in relevant video helps.
  • Event -- we have an events section that you can add the details of an event you are organizing, or, one you like and want to share (see top nav)
  • Article or News - send us an email, we'll be glad to post if it fits our criteria for self-propelled adventure travel
  • Blog -- in your Profile -- feel free to post some tips or highlights (others can see)
  • Questions -- each trail supports the ability to ask a question, which is sent to the trail author and all reviewers. However, the question is also posted in a forum, and recent questions are highlighted in our activity portals, keep an eye out there and help answer user trail questions for your region and activity.

Your Profile - Wishlists

Your member profile allows you to track trails in a wishlist;

  • Keep track of trails you've done, want to do, or, would do again
  • When viewing any trail (and signed in) you can click "I've done this", "+ to Wishlist", "Other Users", or "Group trip"
  • Most users on trailpeak have a wishlist that they use to track trails they really want to do
  • If you've added a trail, you also get those stored in a summary of what you've added
  • The Group Trip option allows any member (signed in) to organize a group trip with people who have used the wishlist to indicate they would join a group (trip) -- see the next FAQ item for a full explaination of group trips and how members can communicate using this feature to find people to go hike / bike / ski with!
  • Becoming a free member comes with some other advantages, for example:
  • Printer friendly format for trails pages
  • Ability to add trail review with to post trail conditions / rating / comments
  • Ability to receive questions on a trail (when you add a review)
  • Ability to ask questions in a trail (goes to author and other reviewers)
  • Ability to add a trail, wiki-edit, GPS data, a photo or video to a trail
  • email a trail to a friend
  • When you sign-in, your landing page customizes to your favourite activity portal and region

Group Trips - Your Wishlist helps you go on group trips

Your member profile has the option (when adding a trail to wishlist) to "email me for any group trips" option;

  • When you add a trail to your wishlist, you get a form asking you if you want to do, or have done (click either)
  • You must be signed in to click either of these - choose "+ to wishlist" to indicate you want to do this
  • An extra option appears below these two with the option "email me for any group trips"
  • If you check this, then, when another member organizers a group trip, you'll be notified by email
  • Any member can organize a group trip by clicking the trail option "Group trip" (you can to!)
  • If registered trailpeak members (group minimum) have asked to be notified about group trips ... then ...
  • They are notified by email (anonymous, ie. organizer does not know your email and vice versa)
  • The invite / group trip email contents are also posted in our regional discussion forum for anyone to see!
  • You are given a link to this forum posting in your invite so you can join in on any discussions
  • All posts show only a trailpeak members username, and are not disclosing personal information when posting
  • When you post a response in the forum posting for this trip, the group organizer is notified by email
  • Please continue to monitor and use this thread as a means to indicate interest or seek further information
  • As a general rule, only go on a group trip where all members first meet in a public place (e.g. coffee shop)

This FAQ will evolve and fill-in over time. Send us a suggestion, or, ask a question using the contact us link below. For more information on, click the About Us below.

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