Wells Gray Traverse (Guided Hut to Hut hike)

Wells Gray Traverse (Guided Hut to Hut hike) near Clearwater, BC

This trail was given a rating of 5 out of 5 stars This trail was given a rating of 5 out of 5 stars This trail was given a rating of 5 out of 5 stars This trail was given a rating of 5 out of 5 stars This trail was given a rating of 5 out of 5 stars
80 kms
2days1 hour
Clearwater, BC
User wellsgrayadventures
Seven days of spectacular alpine hiking through the Cariboo Mountains in the 1.6 million acre Wells Gray Provincial Park wilderness with comfortable cabins to stay in! The trek begins in the Trophy Mountains in the southern portion of Wells Gray and hikes due north across the alpine plateau. You will cross the Valley of the Lakes to Moul Valley and then hike over Table Mountain and Cariboo Meadows to 52 ridge and Battle Mountain. This trip features the biggest and lushest alpine flower meadows in Canada. The huts are there to provide comfort, but not luxury, their main purpose being to provide a low impact way to access these sensitive alpine areas.

Day 1: We meet at our office at 9AM. You can leave your car here. If you do not have a car, we will pick you up at your accommodation in Clearwater, B.C. around 9:30 and drive one hour up a dirt road to the trailhead at 5300 ft. (1630m). The trail goes up through mature forest and into lush meadows of alpine flowers. It is pure alpine from here to the Trophy Mountain Chalet which sits at 7000 ft (2153m). The view from the Chalet is superb, and the area has great hiking with small peaks, lakes, and flower meadows everywhere. The hike from the road takes about two and a half hours and we gain 1700 ft. (523m) over 4 km.. After lunch you will take a short day hike to start and explore the Trophy Mountains.

Day 2: On this day you do a long hike in the surrounding Trophy Mountains, climb two or three peaks in the range, and swim in the numerous lakes. We have fantastic views all day with an incredible feeling of wilderness. Six hours or hiking in the alpine - 7 km.

Day 3: Today you hike north to Discovery Cabin, a very remote cabin in a beautiful mountains valley. The route has a small trail through the mountain wilderness and a guide with a good knowledge of the area is needed. After a couple of hours in the alpine you drop down into the mature forest and lose altitude until you come into the Valley of the Lakes. Lunch here and then continue into alpine meadows until we cross Eagle Pass at 6900 ft (2061m). From the top of the pass to the cabin is only 45 minutes of gentle down through glades. The cabin is in a very remote and wild valley. The hike today is 12 km and takes 6-8 hours.

Day 4: Great day hike into remote lakes and along mountain ridges. This is a wild and remote valley. The alpine flowers here can be beyond belief. Five hours of hiking over 6 km.

Day 5: You continue northward up and over Table Mountain. Today a good trail takes us through some of the finest flower meadows in the world. The trail leads us up the ridge of Table Mountain, and then descends into the forest to the Phillip Lakes. (If you are only on the five day trip, we have a three hour downhill hike back to civilization from here.) The trail now is a gentle uphill grade through forest and then into the vast meadow system of Cariboo and Fight Meadows. After hiking through these two meadows we come to Fight Meadow Chalet at 6100 ft (1845m). There is a large lake near the chalet, which is a historic site where two Indian Tribes fought for Caribou hunting rights. Today's hike is 20 km. and it takes 7-8 hours of easy walking on a good trail.
Day 6: Today you tackle Battle Mountain. From the Chalet you hike across 52 ridge and drop down into Bull Valley. From the valley you hike up Battle Mountain. On top one can see into the far north of the park. The Monashees, the Cariboos, the Premieres, and the Rockies are also visible from this incredible vantage point. You return to Fight Meadow Chalet via a different route. The return trip is six hours.
Day 7: You hike out to the vehicle via Battle Creek. This takes us off the high plateau and down into the Clearwater River valley. 4 hours of hiking, brings you to the pick up Total distance of the trip is approximately 70 -90 km.


All trips start in Clearwater BC at the Wells Gray Adventures Office. The office is just south of Clearwater at 11 Davoren Rd. Due to the rugged nature of this particular trip, it is a guided trip.

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