Blackcomb Meadows - Dekker Tarn

Blackcomb Meadows - Dekker Tarn near Whistler, BC

This trail was given a rating of 4 out of 5 stars This trail was given a rating of 4 out of 5 stars This trail was given a rating of 4 out of 5 stars This trail was given a rating of 4 out of 5 stars This trail was given a rating of 4 out of 5 stars
8 kms
Hiking, Cross Country Skiing
Winter, Summer
Whistler, BC
User vpigeon
This trail is unmarked, unadvertised at the top of the Solar Coaster Express on Blackcomb Mountain. Hopefully with the new peak to peak gondola due to open in December 2008 linking Whistler Mtn to Balckcomb Mtn that these trails on Blackcomb will be advertised and made more available to the public.

The hiking season here is extremely short if you count on the chairlifts for access. Until mid July, there is too much snow up here to properly hike, and the chair lift on Blackcomb closes for the season (at least until skiing starts again in November) on the last Sunday of July.

You could walk up, but then, that's 1300 m up, and probably 10 kms long (the chairs are 4 kms, in STRAIGHT LINE, the road up is very zig-zaging).

Drop $32 (2008 price) at the Blackcomb Wizard Express booth at Upper Village, ride the Wizard chair to mid-station and connect to the Solar Coaster. (TIP: Don't tell them you're going to hike up there, but that you're going "sightseeing".)

At the Rendez-Vous, you get off the Solar Coaster and proceed literally straight ahead onto the Fitzsimmons Meadow Walk. You will eventually cross the 7th Heaven Express chair, where you can take the Upper Lakeside Trail, a loop north and up a bit which eventually reconnects with the main trail, or keep going straight ahead on the Lower Lakeside Trail. Eventually, you will come to a ridge, where you will climb northeastward on the Overlord Summit Trail to the Overlord Lookout.

At this point, you will get a great view of Overlord Mtn and Fissile Peak as well as Overlord Glacier. You then head down, eastward into Decker Tarn, and circle back, eventually back onto the Lower Lakeside Trail (or the Upper Trail if you wish). Heading west, we went down one of the ski slopes (Souther Comfort or Cloud Nine) down to the 7th Heaven Express. We hopped onto that chair (included in the $32 you paid to get onto Wizard Express a few hours ago) and went to the top of that chair, at 2200 m (approx 7600 ft), and rode the chair back down (although you can walk down).

We then took the shuttle bus from bottom of 7th Heaven chair to Solar Coaster and rode that and Wizard back down.

Pls make sure you don't miss the last chair down (3:45 pm?), or you're walking a long way down.

This is apparently also available for cross-country skiing in winter, but I haven't done it, so can't personally tell.

The GPS data includes the chairs up, the hike, the walk down Souther Comfort ski slope to 7th Heaven chair and the shuttle bus back from bottom of 7th Heaven chair to the top of Solar Coaster.


Go to the Upper Village in Whistler and buy a ticket for BLACKCOMB (not for Whistler).

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By vpigeonPosted By: vpigeon  - Tue Sep 06 04:59:20 UTC 2011 Not Rated Upside Wonderful hike up in Blackcomb Meadows and to Dekker Tarn. Thnag have changed since first posted in 2008 Downside $45 cost to ride the lifts / Gondolas up to the Rendez-Vous. Comment When I first wrote this in 2008, Blackcomb was not officially open at the top during the summer.

With the opening of the Peak 2 Peak gondola in the fall of 2009, this area is now officially open, marked, populated, etc...

Take the Whistler Gondola from the village to the Roundhouse Lodge, transfer to the Peak 2 Peak gondola from there to the Rendez-Vous at Blackcomb (no extra charge, it's all part of the same $45 tix) and then head east on the Overlord Trail (# 2). When it connects with the Decker Loop trail (# 6), keep left, go over the ridge and down to Decker Tarn and have lunch there. You might be entertained by a marmot while admiring the great views all around. After lunch, finish the Decker Loop, and on the way back, you can either do the Lakeside Loop (# 3), go down one of the ski slopes or the Tree Line Trail (# 3) both down to the 7th Heaven Chair. Ride up the chair to 7th Heaven, enjoy the scenery from there, have a snack, and ride the chair back down to the shuttle bus which will take you back to the Rendez-Vous. From there, you can go Peak 2 Peak back to Whistler and that gondola down to the village, or take the Solar Coaster Express chair back down to the Upper Village. That's a 10 min walk back to the main village, or same distance walk back to the parking lot.

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