Alpha Beta Gamma Lakes (or the Knuckle Heads)

Alpha Beta Gamma Lakes (or the Knuckle Heads) near Powell River, BC

This trail was given a rating of 5 out of 5 stars This trail was given a rating of 5 out of 5 stars This trail was given a rating of 5 out of 5 stars This trail was given a rating of 5 out of 5 stars This trail was given a rating of 5 out of 5 stars
3 kms
Fall, Summer
Powell River, BC
User rock123

The trail starts off at N49° 56.424' W124° 9.847' from a old logging road spur which can be reached by walking, bike, motorcycle or ATV. The road was once accessible by four wheel drive but in recent years has been washed out in places. Trail is well marked with tape, steep in parts, snow in some areas, the snow stays all year but is easy to get around.

Trip times depends on how close you can get to the start of the trail from East Branch, the hike can easily be done in three four hours which gives you lots of time to explore and enjoy the view.


In Powell River off highway 101, turn on to the Still Water main line @ 49° 46.634'N - 124° 19.586'W follow this road for a couple of miles to the one way loop @ 49° 48.229'N - 124° 19.051'W once on the one way loop go to 49° 51.567'N - 124° 17.819'W turn right,right here go about a half a mile turn left here @ 49° 51.272'N - 124° 17.498'W follow this road to 49° 51.852'N - 124° 14.119'W go left here up the hill follow this road up to E branch about 3 mile @ 49° 54.455'N - 124° 14.431'W turn right here follow this road up to 49° 55.549'N - 124° 12.793'W turn left here at the start of this road is a cement bridge,if so your in the right area.This is where the road starts gettig rough a 4 wheel drive for a while ,but to get to the trail head about 3.70 miles @ 49° 56.424'N - 124° 9.847'W a bike,atv,motorcycle or your feet are needed. The trail at the start is well worn,taped easy to follow,first stop beta lake then up to the knuckle head.

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By hunterkevin88Posted By: hunterkevin88  - Sun Sep 19 17:37:55 UTC 2010 Not Rated Question how far can u go on a atv up to these lakes ?

ANSWERS are in this forum:  alpha / beta lake

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