Fisher Peak

Fisher Peak near Cranbrook, BC

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10 kms
Spring, Summer
Cranbrook, BC
User Coyner
Fisher Peak is the highest and most appealing summit of the Southern Rocky Mountains, it dominates Cranbrook's Eastern skyline. The peak is an outstanding 9336 feet (2846 m) high and offers a panorama view of the Kootenay River Valley and the southern Rockies. The elevation gain from the trail head is approx 4400 feet (1400m).

From the trailhead the trail starts an immediate steep grade up the forest covered slopes. The first quarter of the trail follows a creek that flows aggressively down the mountain side. Mid way up the mountain the creek displays a waterfall that pours out of the lower end of the bowl. The creek makes its way under the rocks, as you cross these rocks you can hear the water rumble beneath your feet.

After the waterfall the forest cover thins out as the route passes through the subalpine. Here you will most likely be welcomed by many marmots as they peak their heads in and out of the rocks. The alpine will offer a ray of vegetation from mossy rocks to subalpine flowers such as Indian paintbrush. The lower alpine bowl offers excellent camping opportunities surrounded by pools of water from the melting snow. At the back of the bowl there is a steep scree gully north west that offers a route to the ridge. The route is very slick with loose rocks and offers few handholds. Beware of falling rocks coming from above hikers.

Ascend the scree chute to the rugged saddle on the ridge. The ridge is very narrow but provides the first view of the Southern Steeple Mountain range. From here you head north, directly left of the saddle, towards the summit. Look for yellow markers on the side of the rocks that mark the best route to the top, there are approx 4 yellow markers between the saddle and the peak. Do not go around the back end of the mountain (North west side) as it is a very difficult rock climb to the top from here. Stick to the center of the route and follow the yellow markers. From the saddle to the peak it is a 900 foot scramble. The last 200 feet below the peak is the most technical section. Take caution on which route you choose. At the peak there is a metal box with a book for signing. Enjoy the view from the top! Scott Niedermayer brought the Stanley Cup to the top of Fisher Peak after winning the cup with the New Jersey Devils. For more details on this hike and others like it in the Cranbrook area, pick up a copy of “Mountain Footsteps” by Janice Strong.


The road requires a 4x4 vehicle with clearance, a standard SUV will work but be careful of tire pinching rocks. Head North on Hwy 95 to Fort Steele, approx 500m after the Fort Steele turn off make a left onto Wardner Fort Steele Rd. 2.2kms down Wardner Fort Steele Rd turn left onto Mause Creek Rd. Keep left on Boulder Creek Rd at 2.3km. At 4km sign marker take right onto Mause Creek. (There are numerous signs to point you in the right direction to trailhead) At 10.1km the Fisher Peak trailhead sign will appear on the left.

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By JTDPMPosted By: JTDPM  - Wed Aug 15 17:01:16 UTC 2018 Not Rated Question Hello, does anyone know how the road is up to Fisher and if so how close to the trailhead could a regular car get? Thank you

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By schewPosted By: schew  - Mon Jun 26 17:19:51 UTC 2017 Not Rated Question In the description of Fisher Peak (Cranbrook, BC) it says that the lower south bowl of the mountain has excellent camping opportunities - yet I cannot find any way to book a site or any information online.
If someone was interested in hiking part way up fisher peak, camping overnight and then continuing the rest of the way - is this illegal?

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By DunchikePosted By: Dunchike  - Thu Jun 30 16:02:10 UTC 2016 Not Rated Question Hi - I'm going to be in the Cranbrook area over the next two weeks. Can Fisher Peak be hiked safely by a person on their own, with just basic good physical fitness but no technical climbing skills? Are there areas of particular concern or potential risk?


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By crissybikesPosted By: crissybikes  - Mon Jul 08 20:45:00 UTC 2013 Not Rated Question Can dogs do this hike?

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By smccomishPosted By: smccomish  - Wed Jul 03 03:31:18 UTC 2013 Not Rated Question I am looking to hike Fisher Peak near Cranbrook for the first time. I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee and was wondering if I can make it to the base of the hike since the floods with my vehicle? Thanks for your help.

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